this is not funny

Typically, I’m funny on this blog. Maybe that’s a gross over-generalization along with a certain amount of overwhelming arrogance, so maybe I should instead say that typically, I try to be funny on this blog. Entertaining at least.

Life is not always funny, though. For some people it almost never is.

I have this friend out in Singapore. A gorgeous, funny, intelligent girl who has more to offer than most…who is beaten regularly by her ex-boyfriend.

Beaten to a bloody face and a broken body that screams at her movement and leaves her laid-up for days. Beaten in such a way that makes her wonder why she deserves it, which, is and even deeper damage than the physical pain…that she should ever think that she deserves this from anyone at anytime.

I don’t care what you think, and maybe it is old-fashioned, but there are maybe one or two reasons for it to be ever justified to hit a woman.

You just killed my mother and have shown up on my doorstep drenched in her blood and a smile on your face, or
2. You are Hitler

I don’t care if you’ve lied to me, cheated on me with my best friend, called me a small-dicked son of a bitch, killed my dog, lied on your taxes, screwed me out of a job, stolen my money and on and on. You do not deserve to be beaten. Will I hate you? I will. Will I ever speak to you again? I will not. Will I get revenge in some way? As best as I’m able. But I will not beat you, a representative of the fairer sex, to a pulp.

No one deserves that shame, that disrespect, that damage. That is too much. That is not an eye for an eye, that is a limb for a nail.

Singapore is a small place, and you become easy to be found. You can be followed to your favorite bar, waiting outside your place of work, going to the places you go and seeing the people you see. What do you do? What do you do when he is a cop?

I’d like to say that she’s never gone back to him, but I can’t. I’d like to say that he’ll never do it again as she remains firm in the resolution that it is over…but I can’t.

And that is a feeling of helplessness. Be safe, my friend. As best you can.

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