secretly private

I was asked how to find my blog today…and in reaction, I made some kind of joke but never actually answered the question. My interrogator asked again and I deflected again. All of this in the context of a conversation in which we discussed how only some people were comfortable enough with the level of attention that publishing your inner thoughts in blog-form affords.

Which is true.

Literally everyone in the world with access to the Internet can read this (potentially not actually) and this registers as nary a blip on my conscience. Ask me directly about this blog, however, and I start to literally sweat and get very uncomfortable. Reference a post I made in conversation and I bolt from the room. Have it up on your screen as I come by your desk and I will spin on my heels as if I was back in marhing band.

(note: I was in marching band)

I suppose it’s a bit of a N.I.M.BY effect. I’m good with it as long as I don’t need to face it.

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