solitude ain’t so solo

Everyone gets depressed. Well, not ME, I’m perfect; but everybody else does from time to time. An it’s funny the kind of clarity that you can see easily from the outside looking in, that is so desperately out of reach from within.

Humans are social creatures (or so I am told), and the majority of complaints seem to center on how alone people feel. Alone. Except for your roommates, and the co-workers you see every day, and the friends you haven’t seen in a few months because you’ve been busy, and the hundreds to thousands of people you see every. single. day.

That doesn’t seem like alone to me. “Lonely” maybe, but not alone.

The ironic thing, as I sit in my empty apartment writing this and start to create a feeling of solitude within me base purely on the subject matter, I know that if there was someone here right now, I’d be jonesing for them to leave so I could be alone.

Unless she was hot.

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