dear diary…hello? ello? ello?

The weird thing about keeping a blog that relatively no one reads is that I go to an awful lot of trouble to have the privilege of doing so. OK, it’s not that big of a deal, but I do have to keep registering the URL and paying for server space. It’s kind of like burning a dollar bill every time you write in your paper journal.

“I am the KING of similes!” he said with some sarcasm.

Given the audience, I might as well use this space to write my grocery or To Do lists so I could access them anywhere the internets are sold. Or just post all of my bank account numbers and passwords so I wouldn’t have to try and remember them. Wait, something seems wrong with that last one.

Perhaps I should try and be more internet-popular again. Here’s my first attempt: JESSICA ALBA SEX SCENE!

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