First and foremost. Thank you, everyone (and you know who you are) for your kind words, e-mails, IM’s, calls, etc. You’ve given me new faith in mankind and humanity (well, that’s not true. You’ve given me new faith in you, Humanity is still a bitch). I wholeheartedly appreciate the ideas, help, support, and most of all, unadulterated pity. Oh how I bathe in your pity!

Anyway, it’s official: I have signed-up for California Unemployment Insurance with the Employee Development Department. A little quick math (I am an engineer, after all) tells me that the Inbox is quite a bit less than the Outbox when it comes to things as frivolous as say, rent and food.

Speaking of which, though this isn’t so great for the psyche, I’m going to totally be ready for swimsuit season.

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