The AvalonSaturday I went to The Avalon, which is easily my favorite LA hotel based on the decor alone. As J would and has said, “It’s very ‘Dave’.” It also, however, has a few of my least favorite LA attributes: pretension and cost. Pretension in the form of disallowing any non-hotel guests from entering the bar/pool area after 11PM, and cost in the form of $10 drinks.

>$10 drinks!

But they did have complimentary valet parking, see, which somehow takes the sting out of it… wait, no it doesn’t.

At any rate, we were giving a bon voyage party to Mar, who is sadly (for me) moving to London for 6 8 months. I’m not sure how she expects me to sweep her off her feet with passion and romance if she’s moving away, but whatever. It was fun, but I was definitely feeling the effects of 2 and a half hours of sleep by the time last call arrived… which, by the way, is also at 11PM(?!) Something about the hotel being located within a residential area and They not wanting things to get too out of hand into the wee hours. This was met with angry protests by impeccably dressed 30-somethings with accents, and 6-figure production deals.

Because it’s Bev-Hills, you see.

And on Sunday, he rested.

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