Giggity giggityIt’s been an uncharacteristic 6 days since my last post, and I can’t imagine what might have been so important that it would have kept me from doing so. Unless it was the following:

Tuesday I finally got The Call from my landlord (not to be confused with “THE CALL”) that they had an empty apartment that I could move into for the time being. So, in a frantic rush, I bought a mattress at IKEA, loaded my truck up with the few belongings I had been crashing with at my friends’ house lo these many weeks, and moved in to an identical two bedroom apartment. Of course, this is an identical two bedroom apartment except for that it literally has my bed, one chair, and… well that’s it actually. I just don’t see the sense in moving a lot of my stuff in here just to move it out again. I at least have a homebase to bring the ladeez to… though I will have to prelude the trip with my sob-story so they don’t think I’m some kind of drifter.

At any rate, this was good news, as earlier that day I was able to finally get a hold of the guy from the first accident where he said something like, “Uh, can I have a few months to get the cash together?” sigh

Wednesday, I flew up to San Francisco for (I believe) the first time since leaving the area some 3 years ago. I always said, while living in Silicon Valley, that SF was a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there… and I was right. It was a great place to visit. A few co-workers and I first dorked-out at MacWorld for a few hours, and then spent the rest of the day walking around SOMA and the Union Sqaure area, eaiting really well, and visitingprobably the best modern furniture showroom I’ve ever been to.

And then Thursday happened.

Friday the 13th, I went to see King Kong with J, which I liked a lot, and she deemed “fun”. You knew the whole time that everything was fake due to the conspicuous lack of dinosaurs and giant apes in reality, but I was only reminded of this unreality a couple of times… the rest of the time, the CG was so good that it wasn’t at all distracting.

giggitygiggitygiggityAfter the movie, I left J and headed to Hollywood, where by thegrace of somebody my buddy was able to get me into an invite-only type party at some club I can’t even remember. He opened the door followed by this incredible blond who was a friend of a friend of his, and the facilitator to our entry. Tall, long blond hair, incredible body… flawless really. I got inside and, let’s face it, this is LA, there are beautiful women picking up garbage here they’re so ubiquitous… but I have never seen so many beautiful women in one place. We made the rounds, striking out routinely, and I ended up back with the original group; and, after meeting everybody, I started talking to the gorgeous blond.

If only I knew back in high school and college what I know now. If I did, I would have been able to get hot, 21 year-old models like I did that night. Or, at least, more frequently.

After last-call, The Blond took me downtown to an after hours place she knew, where everyone knew her name (interesting). For reasons to complicated to explain but probably easily apparent, I was introduced to everyone as her “cousin from out of town”.

After that, the magic happened and somewhere along the line the sun came up.

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