day 7

12 pounds down, no caffeine, no soda, a whole mess of vegetables and fruit.

It’s funny how that sounds wrong “vegetables and fruit”…where it should be “fruits and vegetables”. I only wrote it the other way to be more accurate, the bulk of what I am consuming being juiced vegetables. Though, as I’ve since discovered while trying to determine if what I’m juicing is one or the other, as it turns out the term “vegetable” is entirely invented for solely culinary reasons. The actual demarcation, biologically-speaking, between one or the other does not exist within the vagaries of the usage. For instance, a tomato is a fruit (technically), as are cucumbers, bell peppers, and pretty much everything that isn’t otherwise a weed of some kind. So “vegetables” is just a construct for some reason invented to delineate between the stuff generally regarded as sweet and delicious versus savory and ponderous.

Should the technical nomenclature change the mind of children everywhere refusing to eat their vegetables I doubt.

And so it goes.

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2 Responses to day 7

  1. Erica Lucci says:

    So has the cleanse been good for you? Any benefits other than the weight-loss?

    • DAK says:

      Absolutely! By extension I’m off caffeine, I’ve reset my relationship with food where I’m watching more what I eat…it’s been however many days and I’m still largely vegetarian (not that I was trying to be, I just have been). No headaches for 3 weeks now (which is rare for me), sleeping better, and so fat pretty good daily energy. I think I’m gonna go another 5 days or so in a couple of weeks. I have a theory hat starting from a better place will help even more….

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