home sweet home

Family’s great, vacation is great, travelling is great…but I’m enjoying the hell out of laying on my couch watching crap TV surrounded by spent McDonald’s wrappers right now giggling like a maniac and digging the solitude.

I’m probably supposed to be jet-lagged, and getting ready to sleep, it being 1AM “my” time; but, as per my usual, I don’t DO jetlag and feel like it’s exactly the 10:11PM it actually is. I don’t know why I’m like that, though it’s honestly a point of pride for me. One that no one else cares about (or beleives) to be sure, but, it makes me happy and proud to some degree.

It doesn’t matter where I’ve travelled, or in which direction. West to Asia, east to Europe or the coast, when I get there I’m on local time, when I’m back I’m on local time. It just doesn’t seem to matter. What does this mean about my physiology and psychology? I have no idea.

Also, I’m absolutely going to play video games in my underwear tonight.

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