i’m here for the music

One thing I have learned about Chicago for Lollapalooza is that you CAN keep drinking after your 10th drink and 5th shot because, thankfully, Chicago is a giant brewery.

Also, there are really tall women in the
Midwest. I’m making no comments about their attractiveness, positive or negative; I’m just saying that I’ve seen more than my usual average of +6′ tall women here.

Though we moved around a fair bit while I was growing up, and I was brought up elsewhere(s), I was technically born in St. Louis; which is just a short hop, skip, and a jump from here. These could be my people, this could be my life.

I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, yet.

People seem, how shall I say this?: more “forgiving” in terms of body shape/size out here…at least if the talent at the bartop burlesque show we stumbled on to is any indication. This is not bad. This is not good. This is an observation.

People are also a hell of a lot more friendly out here… at least if the phone numbers from strangers to act as tour guides and the drinks bought for me are any indication.

Could I live here? Would these people be my friends? Possible. Though I doubt I’d survive the winter. I love LA.

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