Well, it’s starting to happen, I’m aging my way out of Old Navy. I’d already made the observation earlier this year that I was almost through with the Gap, so it should come as no surprise that I am evolving out of its sibling.

You would think I’d be depressed… something about the irrevocable changes of aging and the like, but for whatever reason, I’m not. It’s just one less consumer trap that tries to steal my video game money.

I’m not saying I didn’t find anything, of course; a couple of shirts, and I’m still down with cargos, but it didn’t take too long to cull through what selection I even found somewhat acceptable and I was able to skip the majority of the stuff. Perhaps it has something to do with being more ironic than the ironic “vintage” t-shirts. Like a 12-year old even knows where Fresno is anyway (and does Old Navy sell “Brea” T-shirts in Fresno? Just wondering). Damn, I shoulda bought that shirt.

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